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Federal Investigation Agency-FLB: In the midst of a scandal in Italy related to forced removal of dozens of children the mafia took Anna Varganova’s 5-year-old son away from his family




The 41-year-old Anna Varganova, a teacher by training, came to Italy five years ago for work. There she met a man who did not want children. Therefore, when Anna got pregnant she realised that she would have to raise the child by herself. She did not manage to return to Russia before childbirth. And afterwards the compassionate Italian social workers did not let her leave with the child. Everyone went on to send her documents saying “Hand in your child to a good family, sign here”. Anna did not agree, so the social services decided to wear her down offering free social housing, which the local municipality would pay for. Anna focused on the child and thought she was safe.



Five years later she had to pay with her own child for the “free” room at the municipal family residences in Bari. Tired of drifting around miserable Italian welfare housing, Anna decided to return to Russia for good. When she was called in for questioning at a local social security office the mother replied explicitly to a question about her plans for the future: “I’m going home to Russia with my son”. The social workers suddenly realised they were about to lose a valuable commodity - a smart, beautiful, healthy Russian five-year-old child, who looked just like an Italian, so they decided to act quickly. By delaying Anna for some 15 minutes they had time to “evacuate” her child, who was sleeping peacefully at the municipal family residences, to an Italian orphanage with a secret address.

In the absence of Anna the social security office made up an act of the juvenile court, which in Italy constitutes a commission of 1-3 social workers. The verdict of the court was simple: “The Russian mother is extremely dangerous and has a bad influence on the child, who was urgently rescued and is now being prepared for transfer to a well-to-do childless Italian couple”.

Anna and her Russian relatives spent 3 days looking for her child all over Italy. Finally, a social worker handed her the above “sentence”: one 60-minute visit to the child per week in the presence of 2 wardens and 2 phone calls. Anna filed an appeal. She wrote letters to Putin, the Russian Consulate in Rome and the Russian Ombudsman for children Anna Kuznetsova. All the competent officials on duty then responded that they were unable to alter a court verdict. She was told to deal with her problems in Italian courts. The mother tried to find help for a month until someone advised her to contact public defenders.  


Anna turned to the organisation “Russian Mothers” a month after the seizure of her son in Bari. Desperate, she was ready to openly communicate with the Russian press. In one night the public defenders wrote a compassionate appeal to the Russian journalists, sent it out to about five hundred media and 24 hours later the whole country knew about the “unfortunate” incident in the Italian city of Bari. Two peaceful and law-abiding Russians who had never had another citizenship were found guilty before the Italian court of solely their desire to leave Bari, the resort popular among Russian millionaires, and return to the modest Russian city of Engels, where Anna owned a one-room apartment and where she was supposed to start working as an elementary school teacher.

According to the laws of Italy, you can enter the country and have a child there, but the intention to leave Italy with the child is regarded as attempted kidnapping of an EU resident and a valuable demographic unit. The Russian woman did not know this and seriously thought that children and parents were inseparable. Europe has long been implementing the “Parent #1, Parent #2, Parent #3” standard, while Italy almost passed a law that would remove the words “mother” and “father” from document management.

The Russian public raised alarm and began inventing «Russian-folk» ways to save the single mother’s son from the Italian bittersweet paradise. In the first 24 hours the incident was commented in the Russian media by diplomats, representatives of the children’s ombudsman, the Engels branch of the Investigative Committee, Engels Child Services as well as human rights activists and even deputies.



The “Russian Mothers” did not stop there and decided to inform Italian authorities that the incident in Bari was being widely publicised. The civil activists wrote an open letter to the mayor of Bari and local public officials. As a matter of fact, the letter was sent straight to the same Italian feminist that oversaw Anna all those years and smoothly led her to the seizure of her child in favour of Italy. The letter was drafted in a polite and open manner. Frankly, the mayor’s office were presented with striking facts. They were told they had provoked an international scandal and were given references to what ordinary Russian people now think of Bari.

The full text of the open letter from the public organisation “Russian Mothers” to the civil servants of the mayor’s office in Bari, Italy, is presented below.


Open letter to Ms Mirianna De Astis and the administration of Bari from the public organisation “Russian Mothers”. Moscow. Russia. September 6, 2019. 

Dear Ms Miriana De Astis and mayor’s office employees,  

We would like to inform you that the illegal abduction and retention of a citizen of the Russian Federation and the gross violation of human rights and the rights of the child Giorgio Varganov, 5, have caused an international scandal in Russia, which is covered daily in the media and on federal television (videos annexed).

As a result, this incident has been brought to the attention of the President of the Russian Federation, the Russian children’s ombudsman, children’s services, diplomats, as well as the police, media and human rights organisations.

We would greatly appreciate the cooperation of your office and Bari authorities in the prompt return of the child Giorgio Varganov (Russian citizen) to his Russian mother - Anna Varganova (Russian citizen).

With respect and hope for the prompt return of the Russian child to the Russian mother,  

Irina Bergseth, the public defender of Anna Varganova’s family representing the organisation “Russian Mothers”, Moscow, Russia 




Since foreign officials were involved, the Russian Mothers sent a copy of the letter and a few questions on the fate of the child by email to the Russian Embassy in Rome, Italy.  

Surprisingly, both these authorities responded to the ordinary Russian women that supported Anna Varganova on a form forwarded to the organisation’s mailbox.



The Bari mayor’s office obviously responded in Italian and FLB publishes the reply for the first time below.

Comune di Bari
Ripartizione Servizi Alla Persona
Assessore al welfare
Bari, 12/09/2019

Gentile Irina Bergset
Direttore dell’organizzazione
Per la protezione delli madre russe
Madri Russe (russkie materi)

Oggetto: Riskontro alla lettera aperta inoltrata con mail del 06/09/2019 avente ad oggetto:
Lettera aperta pe la signora Miriana De Astis i per i suoi colleghi dell’amministrazione di Bari dall’organizzazione della Madri Russe. Mosca.

Gentile Irina Bergset.

In risposta alla Sua lettera aperta inviata a mezzo mail ai nostri uffici in data 06-09-2019 la informo che il Comune di Bari aiuta la signora Anna Varganova e suo figlio Giogio accogliendoli su richiesta della signora dall’anno 2015 in una Comunita adatta per mamma con bambini pagata dalla nostra Ammininistrazione.

Il progetto di aiuto offerto era quello di assicurare una sistimazione abitativa adeguata alla famiglia e tutti i servizi necessari sia alla crescita sana del bambino che al benessere della mamma.

La madre e stata inoltre aiutata da diversi servisi socio-sanitari di questa citta che le hanno prescritto percorsi di cura a tutela sua personale e per migliorare il rapporto con il suo bambino.

Durante questi anni, la madre, non e riuscita a recuperate le sue difficolta e a seguire I percorsi individuati dai servizi socio-sanitari ed e per questo que il Tribunale per I Minorenni di Bari, che e l’Instituzione italiana preposta a protezione dei bambini, ha deciso, nell’interesse del bambino, di accoglierlo in una Cominita abbata a lui, mentre la madre e stata inserita in un’altra communita.

Il Tribunale ha deciso inoltre che la madre ed il bambino possono incontrarsi ogni settimana, parlare, giocare e stare del tempo insieme, sebbene in incontri protetti.

Tutto e stato comunque deciso dai guiduci del Tribunale dei Minorenni di Bari nell’intento di garantire

Raporti sereni tra il bambino e la sua mamma.

Per ogni altra informazione la signora Varganova, anche attraverso i suoi avvocati, potra rivolgersi, mediante richiesta di assecco agli atti, al Tribunale per I Minorenni di Bari dove e depositata la documentazione sociale e sanitaria.

Distinti saluti
L’Assesore al welfare
Dott…ssa Francesca Bottalico 




Dear Irina Bergseth,  

In response to your open letter sent by email to our office on September 6, 2019, I inform you that the Municipality of Bari aided Ms Anna Varganova and her son Giorgio at her request in 2015 by providing her with free social housing - a room in family residences for mothers with children, paid for by the administration of the municipality aiming at both the child’s healthy growth and the mother’s well-being.

The mother also benefits from various social and medical services in Bari, which contribute to the treatment and protection of the child’s health as well as the improvement of the mother’s relations with her child.

During all these years the mother was not able to overcome the difficulties (lack of housing, permanent work) on her own and independently pay for the services offered to her by the municipality of Bari related to cohabitation with the child in shared social housing along with social and medical services. Consequently, the Juvenile Court of Bari, which is responsible for the protection of children in Italy, decided in the best interests of the child to move the child from the mother to another social institution. The mother is also to be evicted from social housing and relocated to other residences for persons without children.

The court also decided the mother and child can see each other once a week, talk, play and stay together for 60 minutes in the presence of 2 wardens. Nevertheless, all this was decided by the heads of the juvenile court in order to ensure the best interests of the child.

For any other information, Ms. Varganova can apply through her lawyers to the juvenile court of Bari, where we have filed social and medical documentation, and familiarise herself with the court rulings.

Best Regards,
Social welfare services manager
Dr. Francesca Bottalico  



The response letter of September 20, 2019 from the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Rome, Italy was signed by the head of the consular section Andrey Uraksin. Here is the full text:

With regard to your request of September 6, we note the following. We have informed A. Varganova in writing that we are in contact with the judicial and law enforcement authorities of Bari.

It is indicated in the text of the decision taken by the juvenile court of Bari and other official documents we have received, that A. Varganova was suspended of parental rights with respect to her son. There is no question of deprivation of parental rights in these documents. At the same time, the Italian court does not exclude the possibility of reunification of the son and the mother. The conditions for this are specified in the judgement.

Furthermore, taking into account the wish to repatriate expressed by A.Varganova, the court will consider this possibility based on G. Varganov’s availability of relatives and living conditions in Russia.

The Consular Section continues to monitor the situation in order to protect the legitimate interests of the minor G. Varganov.

Yours faithfully,
Head of the Consular Section A. Uraksin”.



The Russian child was taken away in the midst of a children’s services scandal in Italy 

It turned out that the emphasised politeness in the correspondence of the Bari social services had nothing to do with the desire to contact with Russian public activists.

The truth is that few people in Russia know yet that a media scandal related to children peaked precisely on August 6, 2019 - the day when Giorgio was removed from his mother Anna in Bari.

Apparently, the social workers in Bari are worried. After all, they clearly understand that so far Anna’s story is just a small incident. But if these Russians dig deep, G. Varganov’s case may reveal fraud and forgery, slander and lies, i.e. become another criminal incident within the “Angels and Demons" high profile case, which is at the moment shocking the Italian public. Anyway, first things first.


Photo: Anna Varganova with her son Giorgio and their relative. During a recent one-hour supervised visit at a nursing home in Molfetta 



A criminal case the Italian police are at the moment investigating was dubbed “Angeli e Demoni” by Italian journalists. This is a case about hundreds of children in Italy seized on fabricated charges and forged documents from traditional families of any nationality. Italian media report that the mafia syndicate was organised by the Italian homosexual Federica Anghinolfi to transfer children to Italian non-traditional couples. The police investigation has already revealed 272 children whose fate was crippled. The names of 27 suspects have been released to the press, 6 of them are under arrest. Among the participants of the scandal are 3 mayors of Italian municipalities, as well as other high profile persons from both the regional and national Italian elite. Journalists point to the involvement of even Democratic Party of Italy politicians in the syndicate and predict that much more important members of the Italian elite are about to emerge in the “Angels and Demons” case on child trafficking and supply of victims to homosexuals.



On June 28, 2019 the Italian national newspaper “Il Giornale” published an article entitled “Leader of Gay Couples Was the “Director” of Horror Custody" /La "paladina" delle coppie gay "regista" degli affidi dell’orrore. The Italian journalists’ material covering the police investigation (launched in the summer of 2018) states that the head of social services in the province of Reggio Emilia - Federica Anghinolfi, a militant genderist - organised a shadow business based on the trafficking of children to gay couples on command. For this purpose she got all levels of the Italian elite involved, gathering them in a powerful mafia.

Members of the “Anghinolfi clan” could seize children on forged documents and fraudulent schemes from almost any respectable traditional family in the region of Italy where they had it all covered. Moreover, according to Italian journalists, Federica Anghinolfi gave one of the hundreds of children forcibly removed from good families as a present to her former girlfriend, who now lives with a new partner.

The “Anghinolfi syndicate” for seized children trafficking infiltrated not only the regional, but also the national Italian elite. The police have already arrested the mayor of Bibbiano - Andrea Carletti. As follows from the materials published in the Italian media on the investigation, the Reggio province mafia officially and seriously planned to remove “up to 600 children a year” from traditional families and supply them to pervert couples.




On 2 July, 2019 the newspaper “Il Giornale” published an article entitled “Angels and Demons Case Expanding: Another Two Democrat Mayors Involved” /«Angeli e Demoni", si allarga l'inchiesta: indagati altri due sindaci dem». Paolo Colli, ex-mayor of Montecchio, and Paolo Burani, ex-mayor of Cavriago, are now also under investigation for abuse of authority and are being tried in the “Angels and Demons” case.


Democratic Party of Italy in the “Angels and Demons” case 

The article begins with the statement that “the Democratic Party of Italy got caught in the middle of the investigation of the child trafficking case”/ Il Partito democratico finisce nell'occhio del ciclone nell’inchiesta sul business degli affidamenti dei minori. According to journalists, “some argue that the democrats are really deeply involved in the case”. However, the regional party leadership is ready to distance itself from its mayor mixed up in child trafficking. Journalists claim that the “Angels and Demons” case highlights the fact that the Democratic Party mayor Adriano Carletti publicly insisted not only on the opening in his region of a special center for the treatment of children seized on forged documentation, but also on the scaling up of Federica Anginolfi’s “positive” experience in other regions of Italy.



Another article dated June 30, 2019 under the headline “Val d’Enza, the Land of Seized Children: Over One Hundred in 2,5 Years” /Val d’Enza, la terra dei bambini in affido: oltre cento in due anni e mezzo states that neither the mayor, nor other officials paid attention to requests to increase the budget of seized child reception facilities by 200 thousand euros. Proponents of increasing state subsidies argued their requests were justified by “a sudden increase in the number of children in line for foster families: in 2015 there were zero, in 2016 - 104, in 2017 - 110 and in the first six months of 2018 - 92 (184 for the full year of 2018)”. And all this takes place in a small region of Italy with a population of just over 20 thousand people (as at 2008).


The army of caretakers, meanwhile, loudly reported an increase in the family placement of children saved from domestic violence. In 2015 there were 136 children rescued from their natural parents in the region, and in 2016 there were already 183, in 2017 - 235, in the first half of 2018 - 178 (therefore, up to 356 for the full year of 2018).

The more children were seized in this region of Italy, the more money was demanded from the budget. The criminal syndicate’s rationale for a significant increase in public funding was, of course, the growing number of children removed from their families and requiring resettlement. For instance, in 2015 they received 245,000 euros from the state budget, in 2016 - 305,000 euros, in 2017 - 327,000 euros. Finally, the figure of 342,000 euros appeared in the expenditure plan for 2018.

But this was only one of many items of expenditure on the seized children. Psychological support required another 6,000 euros in 2015, while in 2017 this figure increased to up to 31,000 euros. According to the journalistic investigation, in the first half of 2018 about 27,000 euros had already been spent on psychologists (which means that by the end of the year this amount could double and reach 54,000 euros).


For some reason, no one in Italy was surprised that this growth in the number of children forcibly orphaned, allegedly in response to suffering and atrocities in the natural families, in this tiny quiet Italian province is only comparable to peak numbers of disadvantaged children in the territories affected by local military conflicts. (Per i servizi sociali un boom in linea con i dati dei Paesi in Guerra). 



The scale of the Italian syndicate for the trafficking of children seized from traditional couples will become more clear after examining the list of the members of the regional and national elite involved in this scandal provided by Italian journalists. On June 28, 2019, the portal “reggioreport.it” gave the names of 27 personas associated with the case.

Six of them were already under house arrest in June 2019.

Taken into custody at the time:

1) Andrea Carletti, mayor of the commune of Bibbiano (part of the province Reggio nell’Emilia and the region Emilia-Romagna), - as the authorised representative of the social services of the Unione Val d’Enza municipality.

2) Claudio Foti (famous Italian psychotherapist), 68 years old, head of the “Hansel e Gretel” research center in Turin / Сentro studi Hansel e Gretel di Torino, honorary judge of the juvenile court of Turin (from 1980 to 1993), conducted special psychiatric test studies on children as Guinea pigs. This NGO was at the core of the “Angels and Demons” scandal, executing guardianship authorities’ orders for forging documents supporting the illegal removal of children from well-functioning families.

Also under house arrest:

3) Federica Anghinolfi, 56 years old, from Montecchio, head of social services of the Unione Val d’Enza municipality.

4) Nadia Bolognini, 49 years old, psychotherapist at the “Hansel e Gretel” research center (wife of Claudio Foti, director of the NGO).

5) Francesco Monopoli, 34 years old, from Correggio - social worker in the Unione Val d’Enza municipality.  

6) Marietta Maria Pia Veltri - coordinator of social services in the same region.

The Prosecutor’s Office also banned the following members of the Italian “Angels and Demons” case on child trafficking from working with children for 6 months:

- Imelda Bonaretti, 42 years old, from the commune of Sant’Ilario - social service psychotherapist.
- Matteo Mossini, 32 years old, from Parma - social service psychologist.
- Nadia Campani, 46 years old, from Quattro Castella, head of the planning office in the region.
- Barbara Canei, 43 years old, from Reggio Emilia, managing instructor of social services in the region.
- Sarah Testa, 32 years old, from Turin, “Hanse e Gretel” psychotherapist.
- Maria Vittoria Mesdea, 32 years old, from Parma, educator.
- Sara Gibertini, 38 years old, from Bibbiano, social worker.
- Cinzia Magnarelli, 32 years old, from San Polo, social worker.
- Annalisa Scalabrini, 27 years old, from Casalgrande, social worker.

Federica Anghinolfi, a homosexual mafia leader and simultaneously head of child services in the region, and Francesco Monopoli, a social worker in the region, both under arrest, were also banned from working with children for six months. Two adoptive parents from Reggio Emilia, who received children “on request” from Federica Anghinolfi’s mafia, have been prohibited from approaching and communicating with a child whose custody they received fraudulently. (Source: http://www.reggioreport.it/2019/06/angeli-e-demoni-arrestati-e-indagati-i-nomi/).


Furthermore, among other suspects involved in the child trafficking case, journalists provided the following names of famous Italian people, members of the country’s elite:

- Marco Scarlatti, lawyer, active and renowned expert in the field of child protection at the national level.
- Emilia Fausto Nicolini, Director General of Health in the region.
- Federica Gazzotti, head of communications of the regional health system.
- Attilio Mattioni, institutional manager of the regional health system.
- Federica Alfieri, psychologist of the regional health system (Montecchio).
- Flaviana Murru, neuropsychiatrist of the Italian health system.
- Valentina Ucchino, neuropsychiatrist of the Italian health system.

The case also involves the educator Beatrice Benati, the gang leader’s ex-partner Cinzia Prudente and psychotherapy teacher Katia Guidetti.

What were all these respectable people doing? “While in various public positions or performing various state orders for social services, these persons carried out procedural fraud, abused their authority, mistreated children, engaged in acts of violence, disorientation, issued false public acts and official documents, attempted extortion, committed embezzlement of funds, everything down to causing serious injuries to children, including during removal from their natural parents, which led some of the children to attempt self-harm or drug addiction”.


The Italian police are investigating the “Angels and Demons” case on two fronts. On the one hand, they investigate the embezzlement of budget funds. Since the transfer of children from natural families to the regional health system’s social institutions and foster families was carried out, in essence, at the expense of theft of public money (inflated expenses on pseudo-treatment, psychotherapy, psychologists, conferences, training courses, courts, expert opinions, lawyers, displacement of children in social institutions, circulation of orphans among foster families etc.) Children were, in fact, forcibly removed from natural families only in order to start their movement along the chain of private care institutions for a fee: as long as children (as goods) are moving, state and municipal budget funds flow in to sustain this perpetuum mobile of social orphan (as goods) circulation on the regional orphan market of Italy.

On the other hand, the police are investigating the “unjustified” removal of minors from natural traditional families on false documents, fictitious situations and facts. Moreover, in order to force children to cast aspersions on their own parents, Italian psychotherapists and psychiatrists (involved in the case) utilised all available medical tools for manipulating children, including methods prohibited in Italy (the “memory machine”/machinetta dei ricordi), which journalists interpret as torture and social engineering. The journalist Costanza Tosi wrote about it on July 2, 2019 in the article Cos'è l'inchiesta «Angeli e Demoni», on July 1, 2019 in the article “Brainwashing and Torture. This Is How They Manipulated Children”/Lavaggio del cervello e torture. Così manipolavano I bambini and on July 4, 2019 in the article «Ecco come le onlus dell'orrore lucravano sulla pelle dei bambini».



In accordance with the decision of the Prosecutor of the region of Reggio Emilia (Italy), the “Angels and Demons” case revealed instances when caretakers receiving seized children from regional child services had friendly or even romantic relationships with social service management and employees. The police also note that in this region children seized from traditional families were often transferred to non-traditional couples. It was non-traditional couples who received amounts way beyond the minimum threshold for the maintenance of children under custody.

Constanza Tosi states in the article entitled “Established System of Transfer of Children to Friends and Exes”/«Abusi, quel sistema collaudato per dare i bimbi ad amici ed ex» (30.06.2019) that increased payments from the budget to such couples were made based on false documents claiming the child they received allegedly required increased care expenses since it was challenging for him to stay in a non-traditional family.


All of Italy has been following the development of the “Angels and Demons” investigation in the recent months and hopes that all stolen children will be returned to their native mothers and fathers. And here we have a new story with the forced removal of a Russian boy.

Hope is to be found here in the professional work of the Russian diplomats in Rome who are already patronising the five-year-old Italian barnevernet’s prisoner Giorgio Varganov, a Russian citizen, and are contributing to his prompt return to Russia with his mother.

On September 24, 2019 the Italian media reported that the Italian court has already returned a two-year-old child from the “Angels and Demons” syndicate to his birth mother and father.

We expect that the Italian authorities will return the Russian child Giorgio Varganov seized on August 6, 2019 to his mother Anna as soon as possible.


Author: Irina Bergseth, exclusively for Federal Investigation Agency-FLB

RUS Federal Investigation Agency-FLB

ENG http://www.russianmothers.ru/the-angels-and-demons-of-the-italian-orphan-factory-2112019